Student Admissions Requirements

  1. The institution admits students who have a high school diploma or an Associate or Bachelor degree, (GED or equivalent), State Approved Home school Diploma (To be eligible to receive Title IV funds, the regulations require that institutions admit, as regularly enrolled students, persons who have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent, or students who are beyond the age of compulsory attendance within that state.) in the following programs: Cosmetology, Barber/Stylist, Full Specialist, Facial Specialist, and Nail Technician.
  2. Students entering the program of Nail Technician, Facial Specialist, Full Specialist and Massage Therapy* must be at least 18 years of age. For applicants under the age of compulsory school age, the applicant must submit evidence of the approval of a parent or legal guardian, who must sign the Enrollment Agreement for the consent of the applicant for registration in the program.
  3. All students under 18, including those who have already graduated, must have parental or guardian signature on the enrollment agreement.
  4. Students who are still in high school must obtain written permission from high school to enroll. The documentation must be provided.
  5. Latin Beauty Academy, Inc. will grant credit for prior training that was taken within one year. Proof of prior training must be shown. The director of the school must evaluate the student before allowing entry. The cost of the clock hours needed to complete the program will be pro-rated depending on the program. The enrollment fee will be as established for each program (see the following program list):
    Full Specialist $100
    Facial Specialist$100
    Nail Technician$100
  6. Latin Beauty Academy, Inc. will review corresponding credits and/or hours for any student who wishes to transfer credits from another institution. The hours completed from another institution will be validated if said courses fall within the mandatory Florida Department of Education guidelines for that specific course. There must be a signed letter from the director Latin Beauty Academy. School License Number: 3728 and/or head of admissions from the other institution indicating the student's accumulated credits and/or clock hours along with a transcript.

Latin Beauty Academy does not discriminate against applicants for admission based on race, age, color, sex, religion, marital status or ethnic origin.

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