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Keratin Hair Shampoo

Intensive treatment specifically formulated for weakened and damaged hair. Hydrate, revitalize, and deeply smooth hair.
Enriched with Keratin and reconstructive protein that will restore the natural properties of the hair and provide strength and resistance.

Tratamiento intensivo especialmente formulado para cabellos débiles y maltratados.Hidrata, revitaliza y suaviza el cabello profundamente. Enriquecido con keratina, proteína reconstructora que recupera las propiedades naturales del cabello, reconstruyendo, aportándole fuerza y resistencia.

Keratin Hair Conditioner

It is a treatment able to restructure the hair intensively. It was specially developed to regenerate, rescue and revitalize extremely dry, dehydrated, or hair damaged after chemical processes. Its revolutionary formula with keratin, flax seeds and collagen guarantees the recovery of the optimal state of the hair, leaving it without frizz, bright, soft and easy to comb.

Tratamiento que reestructura el cabello de manera intensiva, desarrollado especialmente para regenerar, rescatar y revitalizar cabellos extremadamente secos, deshidratados, dañados, débiles o con procesos químicos. Su revolucionaria fórmula con keratina, semillas de lino y colágeno garantiza la recuperación del estado óptimo del cabello, dejándolo sin frizz, brillante, suave, y fácil de peinar.

Keratin Deep Treatment

Intensive cream treatment for dryer and mistreated hair. Its formula is based on natural keratin and special conditioners giving to a hair deep hydration for it fortifies, nourishes and repairs. The final result is a hair easy to handle, soft and shiny.

Tratamiento intensivo en crema para cabellos muy secos y maltratados. Su fórmula con keratina natural y acondicionadores especiales le dan al cabello hidratación  profunda que lo fortifica, nutre y repara. Deja el cabello fácil de manejar, suave y con brillo.

Keratin Infusion 12

It is an all-in-one rinse treatment with a combination of NANO keratin, hydrolyzed keratin, amino acid cocktail and conditioning ingredients for all types of hair that provides 12 excellent benefits:
1. Restructure; 2. Repair; 3. Strengthen; 4. Nourish; 5. Hydrate 6. Disentangle;7. Condition 8. Soften; 9. Prevent damage; 10. Intense brightness; 11. Protect color; 12. Protect from heat.

Es un tratamiento sin enjuague todo en uno con una combinacion de nano keratina, keratina hidrolizada coctel de aminoacidos e ingredientes acondicionadores para todo tipe de cabello que brinda 12 excelentes beneficios: 1. Reestructura; 2. Repara; 3. Refuerza; 4. Nutre; 5. Hidrata; 6. Desenreda; 7. Acondiciona; 8. Suaviza; 9. Previene danos; 10. Brillo intense; 11. Protege el color; 12. Protege el calor

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