Life After Beauty School: How To Easily Find Your Dream Cosmetology Job

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July 15, 2016
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Life After Beauty School: How To Easily Find Your Dream Cosmetology Job

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Congratulations! You finished cosmetology school. A big accomplishment like that deserves an equally awesome celebration; and what better way to celebrate than by landing your dream job. Finding a job after finishing your program may seem daunting but keep in mind that the beauty industry is ever growing. There are countless opportunities out there for the taking. By tapping into the right resources and polishing up some of your skills, the process of landing your ideal cosmetology job can actually be quite easy. Here are three key tips to help you on this last step to becoming a full blown beauty professional.

1. Use your school as a resource

Your cosmetology school can actually be a huge help when searching for jobs after graduation. It is usually in the school’s best interest for graduates to obtain a job within few months of graduation. It gives the school a good placement rate which is attractive to prospective students. Because of this, most schools make it a priority to help their students with the process of job hunting. Most consistently post jobs in a specific area of the school or send emails about new opportunities to their alumni. Many schools even maintain great relationships with salons, spas, and other businesses and can help connect you with the right people for certain job openings. While it might be tempting to run out after graduation and never look back, you may want to actually keep close ties with your cosmetology school so you can tap into these resources.

2. Glam up your resume

Before contacting any prospective employers, make sure you have a top notch resume ready. A resume allows you to list your experience in a way that is easy for a potential employer to see. For example, quality schools like Latin Beauty Academy will have made sure that you received tons of hands on experience while in their program. Make sure to list that experience on your resume. Also, make sure to mention if your school is accredited. This gives your employer an idea of what your were taught in your program and may give you an edge over other candidates who attended other non-accredited schools.. It is just as important to mention special qualities that make you a great candidate. Did you win any awards? Competitions? Do you have any extra training in a specific area? List all of these. If you can put together a small portfolio of your work, then do this as well. Highlighting and showcasing your skills allows you to stand out as a candidate and can make all the difference in landing that dream cosmetology job.

3. Network, network, network!

The more people you meet in the industry the more opportunities may come your way so make it a priority to attend industry networking events.. Some events to attend may include presentations, trade shows, fashion shows, hair shows, etc. You can search for these events online or even use your cosmetology school as a resource. Eventually you will get to know other professionals and will feel more comfortable attending a variety of events. Many of these new contacts may be able to point you in the right direction. Just letting them know that your are job hunting may lead to being introduced to the people doing the hiring. Because you never know what opportunity may present itself, it is important to go prepared with business cards so potential employers can easily contact you. Enjoy the social aspect of these events but use the time there to your advantage by making solid connections within the beauty industry.

Make sure to cover these areas and you’ll soon have your ideal job as a cosmetologist.

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