Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is consistently applied to all students enrolled at the school. (Latin Beauty Academy applies the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for all students, including students who do not receive Federal Student Aid.) It is printed in the catalog to ensure that all students receive a copy prior to enrollment. The policy complies with the guidelines established by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and the federal regulations established by the United States Department of Education. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade of 75% in the program of enrollment at each scheduled evaluation in order to be considered making satisfactory progress.

Students with a minimum required cumulative grade average of 75% in theory and practical, and a minimum 67% cumulative attendance percentage at each evaluation level of scheduled attendance will be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress until the next scheduled evaluation. In order to determine the attendance percentage, the actual hours of attendance will be divided by the scheduled hours of attendance. In order for a student to be considered to be making satisfactory academic progress at course midpoint, the student must meet both attendance and academic requirements in at least one evaluation by the midpoint of the course.


Latin Beauty Academy, Inc. will grant credit for prior training that was taken within one year. Proof of prior training must be shown. The director of the school must evaluate the student before allowing entry. A $150 enrollment fee is payable in advance of the testing. The cost of the clock hours needed to complete the program will be pro-rated depending on the program. No more than 75% of the total program hours will be transferred into the school.


Under the qualitative criteria, to make Satisfactory Academic Progress at Latin Beauty Academy, the student must comply with the following two criteria:
  1. Demonstrate a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the end of the student's course of enrollment, and at the end of each subsequent term thereafter.
  2. Demonstrate successful completion of the required percentage of the total cumulative clock hours the student has attempted in the program of study at the intervals described below.


As indicated in the below table, a student must maintain a satisfactory overall GPA and successfully complete a minimum percentage of coursework. The Maximum Time Frame for the Completion of any program of study is 150% of the credits designated for the program in the school catalog. A student will not be making Satisfactory Academic Progress if the institution determines that the student is unable to graduate from his or her program without exceeding the Maximum Time Frame for Completion. In such case, the student will be terminated from his or her program of study.

The calculation of the Maximum Time Frame for Completion includes all courses taken while the student is enrolled in his or her program of study, if the subject matter of a course or courses in that different program of study is substantially the same as a course in his or her current program of study, or if a course or courses count toward the satisfaction of any of the coursework requirement in the current program.


The maximum time (which does not exceed 150% of the course length) allowed for students to complete each course at satisfactory academic progress is stated below:
Full Time,
1,20045 weeks1,800
Part Time,
1,200 75 weeks1,800
Nail TechnicianFull Time,
2409 weeks360
Nail TechnicianPart Time,
24015 weeks360
Facial Specialist Full Time,
2609.75 weeks390
Facial Specialist Part Time,
26016.2 weeks390
Full SpecialistFull Time,
60022.5 weeks900
Full SpecialistPart Time,
60037.5 weeks900
Massage Therapy Full Time,
60022.5 weeks 900
Massage Therapy Part Time,
60037.5 weeks900
The maximum time allowed for transfer students who need less than the full course requirements, or part-time students, will be determined based on 67% of the scheduled hours.


CosmetologyBarber/StylistFull SpecialistFacial SpecialistNail Technician*Massage Therapy
Students are given both practical and theoretical grades. The following factors will be measured to determine academic progress: theory (test grades, homework, etc.); practical (rubrics, clinic work).

The following is the grading scale used:


Progress evaluation will be based on actual hour increments. The evaluation is to be signed by students at the time of the evaluation. Evaluations, at a minimum, will occur at the following hourly increments:
Program of StudyTotal HoursHours at Evaluation
Cosmetology1200450, 900, 1200
Nail Technician240120, 240
Facial Specialist260130, 260
Full Specialist600300, 600
Barber/Stylist1200450, 900, 1200


Students failing to meet minimum progress requirements at a scheduled evaluation will be placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress warning for one payment period until the next scheduled evaluation. At the end of the warning period, the student’s progress will be re-evaluated. If the student is meeting minimum requirements, he or she will be determined to be making satisfactory academic progress. If the student has failed to achieve minimum requirements, the student will be allowed to submit an appeal for probation status.


The institution has established a procedure to ensure that students meet all requirements prior to being placed on probation. The institution considers minimum standards for satisfactory academic progress by the following:
  1. Students who fail to meet minimum requirements for attendance or academic progress after the warning period will be placed on probation if they appeal and the appeal is approved;
  2. If the student appeals the decision at the beginning of the probation period, and prevails upon appeal. Only students who have the ability to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy standards by the end of the evaluation period will be placed on probation;
  3. The institution develops an academic plan, providing individual attention to the student who is placed on the academic plan. The student must be able to meet requirements set forth in the academic plan by the end of the next evaluation period in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress;
  4. The institution will determine the standards can be met by the end of the next evaluation period. Students who are progressing according to their specific academic plans will be considered as making Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students will be advised in writing of the actions required to attain satisfactory academic progress by the next evaluation, including the appeal process; and,
  5. Should a student appeal the decision and the appeal is not granted, Latin Beauty Academy, Inc. will give the student the option to continue his or her studies on a cash payment basis only, or be terminated from the institution.

If a student still has not met satisfactory progress requirements at the end of the warning period, the school may allow for the status of probation. Probation is for students who are not considered meeting minimum standards for satisfactory academic progress if:
    The institution evaluates the student and determines that the student did not make satisfactory academic progress during the warning or previous evaluation, and,
  • The student prevails upon an appeal of negative determination prior to being placed on probation, and,
  • The institution determines that satisfactory academic progress standards can be met by the end of the subsequent evaluation, or,
  • The institution develops an academic plan for the student that, if followed, will ensure that the student is able to meet the institution’s satisfactory academic progress requirements by a specific point within the maximum timeframe established for the individual student.


If a student is determined to not be making satisfactory academic progress, the student may appeal the determination within ten (10) calendar days. Reasons for which students may appeal a negative progress determination include death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student, or any other allowable special or mitigating circumstance. The student must submit a written appeal to the school on the designated form with supporting documentation of the reasons why the determination should be reversed. This information should include what has changed about the student’s situation that will allow him or her to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress by the next evaluation point. Appeal documents will be reviewed and a decision will be made and reported to the student within 30 calendar days. The appeal and decision documents will be retained in the student file. If the student prevails upon appeal, the satisfactory academic progress determination will be reversed and federal financial aid will be reinstated, if applicable. If the appeal is denied, the student will be terminated.

The Criteria for Appeal are as Follows:

  • Specify the mitigating circumstances that will be evaluated. The student must provide the information that will state what has changed in his or her status that will allow meeting SAP;
  • Include specific procedures to be followed after an adverse determination for the evaluation of a student’s mitigating circumstances when presented on appeal;
  • Detail the student’s responsibilities during the probationary period due to mitigating circumstances;
  • Include specific procedures to re-establish eligibility;
  • Include the student’s responsibilities during the probationary period; and,
  • Include specific procedures and minimum requirements for reinstatement of aid after a student’s aid has been terminated for lack of satisfactory academic progress.


A student who has been terminated or withdrawn may reenter Latin Beauty Academy in the same status as when the student was withdrawn. At that time, the student’s academic records will be evaluated in order to determine if it possible for a cumulative grade point to be achieved and for the program to be completed within the maximum time frame of 150%. Returning students will be charge a $60.00 Re-entry fee. After being readmitted to Latin Beauty Academy, any student not earning a 2.0 and completing 67% of the clock hours attempted each month thereafter will be academically dismissed from the institution.

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