The Things You’ll Tell Your Past Self When You’re a Licensed Cosmetologist

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November 3, 2016
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The Things You’ll Tell Your Past Self When You’re a Licensed Cosmetologist

Licensed Cosmetologist

Everyone aspiring to become a licensed cosmetologist doubts themselves at one point or another. When you’re just starting out in a cosmetology program, you may find yourself full of doubts and concerns. You’ll pass up opportunities that could have been great for your career, and you’ll make mistakes that could be devastating. But when you get to the finish line, more experienced and wiser for it, you’ll notice a few common pieces of advice that can help you get through your cosmetology program and working as a successful licensed cosmetologist. These are the things you’ll wish you could tell your past self when you were starting out.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

You’re not going to know everything. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll know very little when you start out. So pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask questions. To become good at anything, you have to work hard and practice. But you can’t do that without heeding expert instruction. So use your teachers as a resource.

Make sure you learn the skills you need, and don’t be afraid to ask for additional clarification or demonstration. Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure it out on your own and doing it wrong. You can always avoid that by asking someone to double check your work. This is the time to get answers to all your questions so you can be a knowledgeable expert for your clients when you’re a licensed cosmetologist.

Don’t let your fears define you

Even if you’re a confident cosmetologists, there will be times when you are not as comfortable with a certain technique or procedure. For some of us, even the simplest cut and blow dry and lead to a lot of anxiety and stress the first few times. That’s okay. You’re learning, and it’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t let your fears hold you back from trying something new and from broadening your skill set. The more you learn in school, the better you will be as a cosmetology professional after you’re licensed. So take advantage of the opportunity and don’t be afraid to try the things that scare you most. Who knows? That treatment may become your professional signature down the line when you’re a licensed cosmetologist.

Get as much experience as you can when you’re in school

Unlike a traditional degree, that can put the brakes on work while you learn, cosmetology school is a time to get your feet wet as a professional. It’s a time to experiment and grow as a working professional. By the time you graduate, you could already have a small client base from your school salon if you take advantage of your opportunity. So build those relationships and get as much experience under your belt as you can.

Don’t worry! You’ll get there

Starting a new cosmetology program can be scary. You think about your classes and your requirements for licensure and it’s easy to convince yourself that you’ll never make it. But once you’re licensed in your state and working at a salon, you’ll look back and realize those fears would never come to pass. Be confident. Know that you can achieve your goals and you will. Always believe in yourself and your skills as a professional, and your clients will flock to you and your styling confidence.

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